Tasty Chicken Salad Sandwich Pocket

A quick and easy wrap meal for one

Fill with chicken, lettuce, red onion, cucumber and tomato or any other vegetable of your choosing.


  • 1 Farrah’s Garden Spinach Wrap
  • 100g shredded roasted chicken
  • ¼ finely sliced red onion
  • 8 slices of cucumber
  • 4 slices of tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Mayo


  1. Use a wrap straight from the packet. Fold into a pocket by folding the wrap in half and then in half again (see our Tips & tricks page for step-by-step instructions).
  2. Fill the pocket using the chicken, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomato.
  3. Drizzle with mayo and enjoy!

Try Farrah's Snack Wraps to make a small sandwhich for little hands.

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