Skewered Vegetables

A great way to enjoy your fresh vegetables.

  • Serves 4
  • 5 mins to prepare
  • 15 mins to cook
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8 Brussels sprouts, halved
12 broccoli florets large enough to skewer
8 or 9 small skewers

Quick Hollandaise:
1 egg yolk
1 Tbsp warmed lemon juice
1 pinch of salt
100g butter

Cooking Instructions

Thread the sprouts and florets onto skewers. Simmer in a frying pan of water or steam until just tender. Prepare the sauce by blending the egg yolk, lemon juice and salt, until smotth. Melt the butter over low heat. With the blender motor running, gradually add the butter in a thick steady stream. Serve drizzled over the veggies.

Hints & Tips

The skewers are also great served with a satay sauce.

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