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Potato Varieties and How They Cook

Potatoes are affected by weather, growing conditions and the time of year so we recommend buying potatoes that have been cook tested and labelled to help you make the right choice.

This is a general guide to show how specific potato varieties typically cook.  The three different potato varieties are shown below. They have been cooked in exactly the same way. Notice how their texture is very different when cooked. To get the best results choose a potato that is best suited to your desired cooking method. 

Potato Line Up

Seasonal Changes 

Some varieties change naturally throughout the season. At the beginning of the season some potatoes are smooth, waxy and low in starch making them excellent for boiling and salads. Over time natural sugars convert to starch making them more floury, fluffy and ideal for mashing, wedges, roasting, chips and baking.

Pick the Perfect Potato

For boiling, salads and casseroles it is best to use waxy/smooth textured potatoes. These potatoes have a high water content andare low in starch. They have a dense texture and retain their shape during cooking. The most common varieties would be Nadine andDraga. New Season potatoes such as Perlas are also ideally suited to boiling.

For baking, roasting, mashing and also making chips and wedgesuse floury, fluffy textured potatoes. These potatoes are low in water content and high in starch. They have a dry and delicate texture, break up easily when cooked and absorb a lot of liquid and flavour. The most common varieties available would be Agria, Fianna and Red Jackets.

Potato Sticker

Here’s a handy guide to help you make the right choice in choosing a potato best suited to what you are cooking.