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Children's Oral Health

Tips to get toddlers brushing

  • Small mouths need small, soft toothbrushes
  • Use a smear of full-strength fluoride toothpaste
  • Help children under the age of eight to make sure they clean all their teeth
  • Spit, but don't rinse after brushing teeth. Remains of fluoride from the toothpaste stays in the mouth to continue protecting against tooth decay
  • Make sure your child can reach the sink. A small footstool may help
  • Good habits start early so start brushing your child's teeth from the very first tooth

To help encourage toddlers and young children to brush their teeth twice a day download our free Tooth Brushing Chart (below) or click here.

Remember to:

Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
Drink water and milk
Choose tooth-friendly healthy snacks

Information supplied by the Canterbury Community Primary Health Organisation and the Canterbury District Health Board.