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The Country Fresh range of produce is available exclusively at our stores. This range has been created with an uncompromising focus on quality and value for money. If ever you are not 100% happy with the quality of a Country Fresh product we will refund you fully and replace it.

Fruit and vegetables provide the biggest challenges in terms of consistent quality and we are constantly looking for the best methods of getting product from the farm gate to your plate.

Produce quality can vary depending on when it is harvested, where it was harvested and how much care and time is taken in shipping the product from the farm or orchard to the supermarket.

With this in mind, the Country Fresh range has been developed by selecting the best growers who are passionate about their product, have the best quality control systems to meet our high standards.

The current range of Country Fresh products are:

Country Fresh Potatoes 

The potatoes used in each Country Fresh Potato bag are selected by regular testing to ensure that the variety used for each type is the most suitable for the end use. Country Fresh potatoes are grown in Pukekohe for North Island stores and in Canterbury and Southland for the South Island stores. Packed fresh daily and delivered to stores, Country Fresh potatoes are amongst the best potatoes in New Zealand.

Country Fresh Salads and Veges

The Country Fresh Salad and Vegetable range of products are harvested and packed using the latest technology to ensure perfect quality every time. Grown in sunny Nelson to supply the South Island stores and in Auckland to supply North Island stores. They are distributed using state of the art temperature controlled transport to ensure the product is Country FRESH.