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Safe Poultry Handling

Easy instructions on the preparation of poultry.


Always cook poultry well, never medium or rare. It is cooked when the juices run clear, not pink and the internal temperature is at least 74°C as measured from the thickest part of the breast or the innermost part of the thigh. If barbecuing it is a good idea to pre-cook any bone-in poultry.

Once cooked, don't leave poultry out at room temperature or leave in an unheated oven for more than 1 hour. Poultry should be kept hot (above 60°C) or cold
(below 4°C).


When buying poultry check the packaging for any tears. Ensure poultry is well covered and stored in the bottom of the fridge (to ensure its juices do not drip onto other meats or food).

Before preparing your poultry always wash your hands in hot soapy water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly for a further 20 seconds. Don't forget to wash all knives, utensils and chopping boards in hot soapy water and dry well.


Cover cooked poultry leftovers immediately after they have finished steaming and put them in the refrigerator.


A chilly bin is a good way of keeping chilled and frozen poultry cold when taking them home from the supermarket - do not leave poultry sitting in the car for hours. Make sure you store in a refrigerator operating at a temperature between 2°C and 4°C. Always thaw poultry in the fridge or micowave, never on the kitchen bench at room temperature. Allow 24 hours for thorough thawing.