Thank you WDL for supporting my staff member’s son battle cancer.

WDL receives a big thank you from Murray Graham at SuperValue Paetiki.

SV Paetiki Charrity SV Paetiki Bar Crowd

Just sending a big thanks to Robert from WDL for letting us help my butcher’s 19-year-old son, Gabriel Wharehinga with a fundraiser to help cover expenses for his treatment to battle cancer. Here at SuperValue Paetiki, we ran a raffle where we sold 605 tickets and with the checkout donation boxes combined, we made $1,500.00.

We also had a brilliant day at the Charity Fishing Competition where we managed to raise a huge amount of money to donate to Gabriel Wharehinga and his family, a total of $25,000.00 in fact!

Thank you all sincerely for your amazing support with prizes, auctions items, and general assistance in creating another successful event again this year.

Gabriel and his family are so positively overwhelmed with this effort, and want me to send their huge appreciation to everyone who helped make this happen.

For more information on Gabriel Wharehinga’s story, visit: