Congratulations to SuperValue Lyttelton team member Raewyn Griffiths on winning a Business Hero Award for April. She was nominated by happy customer Janette Kennedy:

“We did not have a Supermarket in Lyttelton for three years after the earthquake. We are now lucky enough to have a locally owned SuperValue.

Lyttelton has a great community and it can take a while to do your shopping, as there is always someone to catch up with.

The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I would like to nominate one staff member in particular, Raewyn Griffiths.

So many people comment on how positive and helpful she is.

I have been going into SuperValue for the past year and I always leave having received such high customer service and cheerfulness from Raewyn, no matter what is going on in her life.

In January this year I started my own venture and took in a leaflet for the notice board.

She immediately supported me and put up the leaflet making sure all the information was visible.

She genuinely wanted to help and for me to do well.

I was also a bit overwhelmed one day as I needed to buy a few things for the business but had no idea where to start.

I went in and just in passing asked if she had any ideas on where was best to start shopping. At Raewyn's suggestion I went to the places she recommended and was home in the afternoon with the goods.

I find it truly amazing when we have all been through so much how one person can continually be there for others and always have a good word to say and be filled with such positivity”.