SuperValue customers will have a chance to join in our 50th birthday celebrations this year, with the chance to win one of five prizes of SuperValue gift cards loaded with $5000.

SuperValue General Manager Mark Brosnan says the brand was born in 1964 with the opening of the first store in Opawa, Christchurch, and has since grown to 41 stores around the country, all locally owned and operated.

“The 1960s were really the turning point of New Zealand taking on the concept of supermarkets from overseas. It was revolutionary at the time to have people move away from the traditional style of picking your weekly groceries from many outlets to a one stop shop, and it just took off from there,” says Mark.

Over the last 50 years consumer tastes and preferences have changed and the SuperValue brand has grown to match this – with none more significant than the name change.

“We started out as SuperValu, with no ‘e’, but following an uproar from customers about the spelling that it was quickly changed – I’m pleased to say we had relatively smooth sailing after this!

“Our stores have been backed by our local, loyal customers over the years and we want to say thank you by celebrating this milestone with them,” says Mark.

From Monday 12th January until Sunday 1st February 2015, SuperValue stores will be running a ‘Celebrate and Win’ competition, giving customers the chance to win one of five prizes of SuperValue gift cards loaded with $5,000 when they spend $20 or more.

To enter, simply visit your nearest SuperValue store and fill in an entry form at the checkout. The winners will be drawn on 13th February.