SuperValue goes single-use plastic carrier bag free

All SuperValue supermarkets are no longer providing single-use plastic carrier bags at their checkouts from today - a month ahead of its original target of the end of this year.

Group General Manager Robert Smith says he’s thrilled to have gone single-use plastic carrier bag free earlier than expected.

“It’s great to see how positive our stores have been about this change. They are 100% behind this initiative and have played a huge part in ensuring we are single-use plastic bag free ahead of our target date.

“Millions of single-use plastic bags are ending up in our waterways and oceans and harming our marine species’. There is no doubt that they are a significant environmental issue and we’re glad to be removing them from our stores.”

Customers are being encouraged to bring their own reusable bags, but for customers who forget, there will also be a number of alternative options available to purchase in store with prices starting from 20¢.

“The best option is for our customers to bring their own bags when they shop with us and it’s encouraging to see how many customers have already started doing this. I’m sure we will see more and more customers bringing their bags as they get used to the change,” Mr Smith says.