SuperValue Palomino Goes Extra Mile Supporting Blue SeptemberPalominio Blue September Article

SuperValue Palomino has gone the extra mile to support Blue September with promoting fruit and vegetables that help reduce the risk of cancer. Alongside various produce products in store they included information on the products nutritional benefits and specific cancer fighting properties.

SuperValue and FreshChoice supermarkets across New Zealand supported fundraising efforts for the Blue September campaign by having donation boxes at all their checkouts. It was an incredibly successful campaign and so far  the stores have banked over $5000 in donations with still more stores to be  included.

However SuperValue Palomino certainly took promoting the donation efforts to the next level with their product information instore. Owner Sanjeet Kumar is an enthusiastic supporter of the Blue September campaign and supports more education for consumers around products that can help reduce the risk of cancer. He says “Cancer affects just about everyone in the community in some way and we need to learn more about how we can reduce the risk. Eating plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables is one way to lower the risk”

With the support of suppliers SuperValue Palomino were also able to give away a new hybrid superfood product- Kalette (a mix of Brussel sprout and Kale). This product has great Anti Cancer properties as well and added to their bid towards raising awareness and good food promotion.

The store raised $400 towards the cause and that included additional donations added to specific fruit and vegetables instore.  Marketing Manager for  SuperValue and FreshChocie Supermakrets Kristy Abbott said “We are thrilled with the support from all of our stores for this worthwhile charity and appreciate the extra mile SuperValue Palomino has gone to help promote the cause instore.”