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SuperValue Initiative to Tackle Period Poverty

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SuperValue will be lowering the cost of its own brand feminine hygiene products in order to tackle the growing concern around “period poverty” in New Zealand.

This issue is a stark reality for many low income households who are find themselves prioritising spending on the essentials of everyday life. Unfortunately the price of feminine hygiene products can be so prohibitive that women in poverty are going without. The concern is that not having quality sanitary products could lead to infections and for young women who miss school or sports and events this can have a dramatic affect on their overall wellbeing.

SuperValue spokeswoman Kristy Abbott added “These products are basic necessities for all woman and girls and we are committed to making them more affordable. We are pleased to be able to offer a quality range of products at the lowest possible price.’

This initiative has already taken affect in SuperValue with prices starting from just $2.