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SuperValue donates almost $2K to Paw Justice

SuperValue are proud to have teamed up with charity, Paw Justice to help raise awareness on zero tolerance towards animal abuse, and working with the community to reduce animal abuse and cruelty. 

All SuperValue supermarkets have been collecting donations for Paw Justice at the store checkouts, and SuperValue are very proud to be donating a total of $1,947.25 towards Paw Justice.

Paw Justice is standing up for the 1.6 million cats and dogs that live as part of a family in New Zealand. This charity unites good pet owners and animal lovers together to tell the nation that animal abuse is wrong and not to be tolerated. Paw Justice believe that if we act as one and have one voice, New Zealand can put a stop to animal abuse. 

We can all act as advocates in the community for those with no voices and promote education and public awareness to bring about social change. If you believe in Paw Justice, you have already become a spokesperson for your pet. Join your voice with ours - become the voice for the animals. 

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