Left Over Christmas Ham Header

Delicious ways to use leftover ham

Enjoying leftovers after your Christmas feast is a highlight for many as there's still so much food to keep you going for days! One of Kiwi's favourites is the classic Christmas ham. Here are some delicious ways to use left over ham so nothing goes to waste and you get to have more yummy food options over the summer. If in doubt, slicing it up and throwing ham in a sandwich never fails. 

Ham and cheese toasties
Ham and cheese toasties!
Ham and egg pie
Ham and egg pie!
Ham and pineapple pizza
Ham and pineapple pizza!
Ham tossed through carbonara pasta
Ham tossed through carbonara pasta!
Ham and cheese brunch bake
Ham and cheese brunch bake!
Ham, egg and vegetable fried rice
Ham, egg and vegetable fried rice!
Ham and vege frittata
Ham and vege frittata!
Ham baked potato
Ham baked potato!
Ham and cheese pinwheels
Ham and cheese pinwheels!