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 Handy Banana Tips

  •  Shining shoes: If you happen to be out of shoe polish, don’t worry. After you’ve finished eating the banana, use the peel. Remove the remnants of the banana from within and then rub the inside of the peel on your shoe. To finish, use a paper towel.
  • Helps fight anemia: The vitamin B family found in bananas encourage the creation of hemoglobin and help prevent and treat anemia.
  • Soothing stings and bites: The sugars in the banana peel will sooth an itchy and annoying mosquito bite, as well as the redness that accompanies it.
  • Eases heartburn: The banana has natural anti-oxidants that may relieve your heartburn.
  • Tenderizing meat: If you want to tenderize meat while thawing it, wrap it in banana leaves.This also works for fish. While cooking, add a ripe banana to help it soften, and add a sweet flavour while you’re at it.

This information is for educational purposes only. Always seek advice from a medical practitioner in first instance.